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Randie D. Camp, M.S., is the creator of Randie's Book Reviews and Empowering Families with Randie (including blog imprints: Bibliotherapy Hangout and Your Voice Empowered: Interviews and Inquiries with Randie), a single mother, a PhD student, an avid reader, a volunteer, and an advocate for children and families. She received her B.S. in Elementary Education and Child, Adult, & Family Services Minor from Iowa State University in December 2010 and her M.S. in Education with a Special Education emphasis from Iowa State Univeristy's School of Education in August 2015.  Randie began her doctoral program in Iowa State University's department of Human Development & Family Studies in August 2014. She has experience teaching children and adolescents with and without special needs in classroom settings. Randie's research focuses on bibliotherapy (using literature as a tool to cope with everyday and sensitive issues) and she collaborates with Dr. Amy Popillion and the Ames Public Library on a Bibliotherapy Project that produces materials primarily for parents and families. For more information about Randie's background and experiences visit https://linkedin.com/in/rdcamp
Randie’s passion for empowering families stems from her personal experiences in an unstable home as a child, placements with multiple foster families, as well as witnessing the lack of support and information offered to families in need. Randie has overcome many obstacles in her life and those traumas have not only contributed to her resilient and caring nature but also enhanced her understanding of family dynamics. As a former foster child, Randie fought hard to be in the 3% of foster youth who successfully obtain a college degree and it is her hope that others understand they can do the same. Adversity may slow you down, at times it will knock you down, but it cannot keep you down unless you let it.

Randie’s blog, Empowering Families with Randie, seeks to share information, ideas, and resources with families and others working with families in an effort to empower them and give them the tools necessary to overcome their challenges. Randie’s blog posts will focus on current literature, research, recent events, policy, offer insight from her experiences, and address other topics relevant to diverse families. Imprints of this blog include Bibliotherapy Hangout and Your Voice Empowered: Interviews and Inquiries with Randie. These imprints are yet another opportunity for families to gain insight, resources, and empower themselves. Randie is excited to share these pages with you and looks forward to building an online community that serves to empower families!

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